About Synchorny

About Synchorny
Helping your Team Transition to a Performance Culture

About Synchrony

Synchrony is a training organisation and consultancy specialising in integrated Project Control and Risk Management. We are passionate about improving the project control and risk management capability of our clients so that their projects are more successful and deliver value.

We specialise in project risk and performance management, developing frameworks and solutions to help our clients improve their project selection and execution capability.

Synchrony is a trusted adviser to leading organisations in industries such as Transport, Defence, Aerospace, Mining, and Oil & Gas. Synchrony combines the best practices in project planning, cost engineering, risk management and contract administration, to provide support and advice that is in the absolute best interests of our clients. Through constant planning, coaching and communication we are able to deliver uncompromised value to our clients in the form of risk reduction, improved reporting and forecasting, reduced disputes, and improved cost and schedule performance.


Our vision

To create a more sustainable world by leading and improving project selection, cost management and performance management.


Our mission

To improve the professionalism of Project Controls and Risk Management by:
  • Supporting our clients to improve their project controls and risk management maturity and:
  • Providing training and coaching to project controls and risk management professionals to improve their skills and knowledge