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Transforming Learning to Competency Development to Application at Workplace resulting in Measurable Benefits

Most robust, state of the art technology for Online Executive Education globally. The Advanced Executive Education in Project Management (AEEPM) Online Program 2021 is recently launched, AEEPM is same in the syllabus and methodology except it is branded as EDPM Online outside Australia. International EDPM began in 2011 in association with the George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA. EDPM program is truly an outstanding program transforming learning to competency development to its application at workplace with measurable benefits. In the last 10 Years over 1200 professionals from 130 compnaies have gone through Face to Face EDPM program.

EDPM Online which is currently going on has so far 298 participants from 52 companies from 9 countries i.e. USA, Uzbekistan, Philippines India, Liechtenstein (Europe), Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. AEEPM Online Program of 2021 can be taken at your local time zone allowing full flexibility, self - paced learning, anywhere and at any time. We expect 100+ participants from Australia alone. AEEPM Online provides a unique experience never experienced before.
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Transforming Online Learning to Results at Workplace.

Synchrony is a training organisation and consultancy specialising in integrated Project Control and Risk Management. We are passionate about improving the project control and risk management capability of our clients so that their projects are more successful and deliver value. We specialise in project risk and performance management, developing frameworks and solutions to help our clients improve their project selection and execution capability.
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AEEPM Online

Entry Requirements for Module 1: Totality of Project Management (TPM), CIPM Exam and Module 2 to 4

Entry Requirements for Module 1 on Totality of Project Management

University degree

Entry requirements for CIPM Exam

20 hours of project management training / learning covering project life cycle phases. (this training is included in Module 1)

Entry Requirements for Modules 2 to 4

Completion of Module 1 or PMI PMP or CAPM AIPM Reg PM


Enrollment open for Class of 2021 Training Releases 10 to 13 (Online)

NITI Aayog in its recently released report, has recommended the methodology of diploma programs. Diploma / degree in Project Management which combines learning and its application at the workplace followed by measuring the benefits and documenting the best practices, should be encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions

A participant is required to go through all the 4 Modules based on Online delivery. It would amount to 80 hours of Learning, 20 hours of Homework and 25 hours in writing 4 Reports - one report after each module outlining the key takeaways plus recommendations in making a difference at the workplace plus a Composite Final Report of the learnings of the entire AEEPM Online program and few recommendations for improvement at participants own workplace.
This course provides learners with an enhanced learning experience through experiential learning including real time simulation programs. Learners effectively gain up to 4 years of experience in project management simulations. These simulation programs are used in top 20 business schools and leading companies. Learners complete a reflection journal report to explore opportunities for learnings to be transferred into individual competencies in the workplace and business benefits at the end of AEEPM Online program.
AEEPM provides an effective and efficient learning environment which includes simulations and rapid feedback for competency development. The program provides a pathway for students to be awarded 4 major credentials. Certificate In Project Management (CIPM), Certified Senior Project Manager (CSPM) from International Association of Project Managers (IAPM), Certificate in Project Risk Management (CrtPRM) and the prestigious Advanced Executive Education in Project Management.
The program incorporates a variety of media to suit visual, auditory, digital and kinaesthetic learning styles. The course incorporates frequent interaction and feedback on progress. iP2M digital library includes videos which can be accessed by participants. For Modules 1 and 3 on Totality of Project Management and Advanced Project Risk Management respectively, over 200 online questions with answers shall be available for practice thus strengthening the foundation. Participants will have ACCESS to recorded Lectures of eminent global speakers as a part of experience sharing process. Learners complete a reflection journal report for applying learnings in their work context enabling business benefits at the end of AEEPM Online program.
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